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Life-Cycle Events 

In all aspects of life, Jewish heritage offers practices and perspectives that sanctify and enrich our lives and draw us closer to friends, family, and our community. From birth until end of life, our community is here for you during all of life’s most poignant and pivotal moments. 


The birth of a baby is one of the most joyous moments in life. Welcoming a new baby into the Jewish community is one of the most beautiful and sacred occasions at ATC. It is a benefit of membership to utilize our clergy, beautiful sanctuary or chapel, and our social hall and staff to host, officiate, and help you coordinate a brit milah for your new son or baby naming for your new daughter. 


Our goal at ATC is to create a bar/bat mitzvah program that is a spiritual and religious experience, connecting child and family to G-d, the Jewish people, and to each other. Our bar/bat mitzvah program is nurturing, caring, and highly personalized. We encourage each child to participate to the full extent of his or her ability. We work with every family to make sure that each bar/bat mitzvah is a positive experience. 


The uniting of two families in a wedding helps fulfill Isaiah’s vision: 

“May there soon be heard in Jerusalem the sound of gladness and rejoicing; the sound of bridegroom and bride.” 

It is a benefit of membership to engage our clergy, beautiful sanctuary, and social hall in your wedding plans. We are eager to help you make it the day of your dreams. 


The union of a couple is always a celebratory event and our entire congregation wants to join you in celebrating this family simcha. There are various ways for engaged Jewish couples and their families to celebrate this exciting family milestone. Engaged couples are invited to have an “aufruf,” to be called to the Torah for an aliyah and a special blessing on Shabbat morning. Many couples invite their family and friends to join them for this occasion and sponsor a celebratory kiddush reception in the couple’s honor. 


Your community is here in your time of need. Rabbi J will assist with hospital/home visits with your loved one, as well as meeting with the family to talk about the deceased and begin the healing process. He will preside over the funeral and burial itself, and then help you through shiva. 


The Jewish tradition teaches, “more beloved by G-d than all the children of Israel who stood at Mt. Sinai are those who choose Judaism, who come to the Torah of their own accord” (Midrash Tanchuma).

The decision to convert is a significant and life-changing event. This meaningful process consists of exploration and study with our clergy and community, and culminates in a beautiful ceremony, which includes immersion in a mikvah (a ritual bath) that officially welcomes and recognizes the person as a member of the Jewish community. 

To inquire or begin the process, please contact Rabbi J

Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyyar 5784