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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ATC affiliated with a movement?
Yes, we are a Conservative Shul. 

Do I have to be a member to come to Services and events?
No, all are welcome.

What sorts of families come to ATC? 
We have a wide spectrum of families from all levels of observance and education levels (secular and Jewish)

I don’t speak or read Hebrew. Will that be a problem? 
Our siddur has plentiful transliterations along with modern English translations to help people in their respective prayer experiences.

Is there a Kosher kitchen at ATC?
Yes, ATC's kitchen is glatt kosher.

Do your clergy perform weddings, baby namings, funerals, etc? 
Yes, all of the above.

What if I can’t afford membership? 
At your request, our financial secretary will discuss your financial issues with the utmost delicacy and in the strictest confidence. No one in turned away because of financials.

Does ATC have adult or continuing education?
We have plentiful adult/continuing education offerings taught by our Rabbi and a number of his colleagues around the country.

How do I meet people and become a part of this community?
Call ahead and our Membership Chair, Education Chair and/or Rabbi will be glad to discuss a visit and introduce to our regular attendees. We are a warm, lively bunch.

Are members invited to practice synagogue skills or be involved ritually?
The Rabbi has always (and will continue to) invited participation for those synagogue skills (Torah reading, Haftarah chanting, preparing and delivering divrei Torah, etc.). It is one of the hallmarks of ATC.

What is ATC's religious school like?
We have a small religious school which prizes group and individual instruction and flexibility. Supplementary school is approached with the attitude of serious learning, participatory and tactile experience with a Jewish framework.

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