Social Action Corner

The Social Action Committee Needs You!
Tikun Olam, ATC's Social Action Committee, is the "Helping Hands" unit of the schul. Our committee oversees projects intended to assist those in need through raising money, collecting food or just providing a helping hand where needed. While some of these services are provided on a confidential and individual basis to and for members of the schul, many of the Social Action Committee's efforts are involve participation in larger, well-known projects including:

Social Action Programs

American Red Cross
Blood Drive

 Annual blood collection drive, usually held in November

Project Isaiah

Collection of non-perishable food for the Stoughton Food Pantry between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Jewish Family Table

Monthly Collection of Canned Fruit and Raisins

Walk for Hunger

In May, we travel by bus into Boston and walk as a group for 5 miles to raise money for Project Bread.

Social Action Day

Temple-wide day of community projects

Holiday Toy Drive

December- donate toys/gifts for each member of a shelter.


Jewish Family Table Needs You!
Jewish Family Table is a monthly project for the Social Action Committee and as such needs volunteers on a regular basis. Now in its 17th year of operation, Jewish Family and Children Service’s Family Table continues to grow. Currently Family Table is serving more than 300 households - more than twice as many as they served three years ago! Jewish Family Table recipients come from a wide range of economic difficulties. Some work full-time, but are just not earning enough to make ends meet, Others have lost their jobs over the last few years and either have not been able to find new ones or have been forced to take significantly lower-paying jobs. Still others are victims of domestic violence, have chronic physical and mental health issues, or are elderly immigrants living on very limited resources. These circumstances force recipients to make difficult choices on a regular basis; paying rent, buying needed medication, or putting food on their tables. JF & CS’s Family Table, like other food pantries, is experiencing an increase in demand for food aid. Hunger exists in nearly all communities, including the Jewish community.

For its part, Ahavath Torah Congregation is committed to helping supply Jewish Family Table with groceries each month. Our monthly commitment is for 35 units (unit=1 pound box or its equivalent) each of whole grain pasta and raisins. Each month we have a volunteer from the schul deliver our donation to the JF & CS offices in Waltham and two times during the year we provide JF & CS with volunteers to make deliveries to Jewish Family Table recipients. Please email Eliot Rosen at if you can help out.