Please consider joining the ATC Brotherhood. Dues are $36 and provide you the opportunity to sponsor and/or engage in our great programs and also enable the Brotherhood to give back to the congregation in support of the other programs at ATC. We welcome your support and regularly welcome new members to our Brotherhood. We are always looking for a few good men to provide new ideas for programming and fundraising.

Our annual Jewish Men’s Softball League includes players and teams from the Stoughton, Sharon, Easton, and Brockton synagogues. The season included a 14-game regular schedule which is followed by playoffs and then an end of the season banquet held at a local restaurant.  We are currently looking for some interested players (you must be over 35) for this coming seasons’ roster. Please contact David Schulze ( if you are interested.

This past February, we had our annual Scotch and Cigar night. It was a fantastic evening which included full multi-course meal, a bag of high quality cigars, and many varieties of single malt Scotch to choose from. Keep your eyes open for next years’ event when it comes around!

If you are interested in any of our events or in joining Brotherhood, feel free to contact Adam Chale(